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“I can't thank Continental Training Academy enough for this incredible workbook. It covers everything I needed for the SIA Door Supervisor course and the extensive question bank was a lifesaver. I passed with ease, all thanks to this valuable resource!”
Emma Watson
“This workbook is an absolute gem! The content is well-structured, and the questions are spot-on. The detailed answers made my learning experience enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a career as a Door Supervisor.”
David Garcia
“As someone who works full-time, I needed a resource that was comprehensive yet flexible. This workbook was exactly what I needed. It covered everything I needed to know and allowed me to practice with real exam questions on my own time. It's a game-changer!”
Lisa Johnson
“I've used many study materials in the past, but none come close to this workbook. The content is thorough, the questions are challenging, and the answers are explained in a way that's easy to understand. Thanks to Continental Training Academy, I passed my Door Supervisor course with flying colours!”
James Robinson
“I was nervous about the Door Supervisor course, but this workbook eased my worries. It provided me with a structured learning path and plenty of practice questions. The detailed answers helped reinforce my knowledge, and I passed the exam confidently. Thank you, Continental Training Academy”
Sarah Mitchell
SIA Door Supervisor workbook

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Are you ready to become a skilled and certified Door Supervisor? Success in the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Door Supervisor course is your gateway to a rewarding career, and we're here to make sure you achieve it with flying colors!

Comprehensive Content: Access all the essential course content, including in-depth explanations and key concepts to excel in your training.

Hundreds of Exam Questions: Sharpen your skills with a vast collection of exam questions, carefully designed to match the SIA Door Supervisor course.

Detailed Answers: Understand why each answer is correct with comprehensive explanations that leave no room for doubt.

At Continental Training Academy, we're committed to your success as a Door Supervisor. Our FREE workbook isn't just about passing; it's about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in your career.

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