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Prioritizing Safety in SIA Instructor Training

Safety forms the bedrock of effective physical intervention training, a principle that Continental Training Academy upholds with utmost seriousness. Our delivery of the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training is enveloped in a culture of safety that begins long before the physical aspect of the training commences.

Crafting a Foundation of Safety

Our safety briefings are meticulously crafted to ensure every learner is not only aware of but fully understands the safety measures and expectations in place. Through a blend of formats tailored to meet diverse needs, we guarantee that our message on safety is clear, comprehensive, and accessible to every aspiring SIA Instructor.

Interactive and Informative Briefings

We elevate the standard safety briefing into an engaging and informative session. By walking through each safety protocol and emergency procedure in detail, and demonstrating crucial commands like the 'Stop' command, we foster an atmosphere where safety is clearly understood and easily actionable.

Solidifying Understanding and Encouraging Active Participation

Our commitment to safety extends to ensuring each participant's understanding and acceptance of the briefing content. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, we confirm comprehension and readiness. Our learners are not passive recipients of information but active participants in creating a safe training environment.

A Continuous Commitment to Safety

Safety is a continuous thread that runs through the entirety of our training sessions. We are ever-vigilant, ready to reinforce, remind, and react to maintain the highest safety standards. Our learners' safety is our top priority, guiding every decision and action within our training environment.

At Continental Training Academy, we believe that the foundation of effective SIA Instructor training lies in a profound commitment to safety. Our approach to the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training is designed to ensure that every learner not only acquires essential skills but does so within a framework of the highest safety standards. This is our promise, our commitment, and our contribution to the field of security training.

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