Physical Intervention Model License


In an ever-evolving world where security challenges are becoming increasingly complex, the need for well-trained security professionals has never been more critical. At the heart of this endeavor lies the invaluable role of security training providers, who are entrusted with shaping the future of security personnel. We are excited to license our SIA Approved Door Supervision and Close Protection Modela for security training providers to elevate their offerings and deliver exceptional training experiences.

Your Partner in Success

Our partnership with security training providers is not just about sharing materials; it's about fostering a collaborative relationship that drives success. When you choose to license our SIA instructor materials, you gain access to a wealth of benefits:

SIA Approved Model: No longer be tied to other PI providers, run your own instructor programmes, accredit PI licences to your own instructors.

Up-to-Date Curriculum: Our materials are regularly updated to reflect the dynamic nature of security challenges, ensuring that your courses remain relevant and effective.

Comprehensive Resources: From detailed lesson plans and presentation slides to interactive activities and assessments and e-Learning. Our materials cover every aspect of security training.

Expert Insights: Benefit from the collective wisdom of industry experts who have contributed to the development of our materials, ensuring the highest quality content.

Cost-Efficiency: Licensing our materials saves you the time and resources required to create content from scratch, allowing you to focus on what you do best – training security professionals.

Ongoing Support: Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing support to ensure you make the most of our materials and achieve your training goals.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Security Education

We invite you to embark on a journey of excellence in security education with us. By licensing our SIA instructor materials, you're not only enhancing your training offerings but also contributing to the broader mission of creating a safer, more secure world.

Together, we can empower the next generation of security professionals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise they need to safeguard our communities, organisations, and critical assets.

SIA Door Supervisor Physical Intervention Model

Close Protection Combat

SIA Close Protection Physical Intervention Model

Close Protection Combat

What can you teach?

At the heart of our collaboration with training providers lies a commitment to fostering growth and excellence in education. By adopting our course models, you gain access to a wealth of advantages:

SIA DS Physical Intervention Annual Licensing*

SIA CP Physical Intervention Annual Licensing*

SIA PI Crossover Courses*

Level 3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training in the Private Security Industry*

Level 3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training for Close Protection Operatives*

*To ensure standards are maintained with delivering our physical intervention models, all learners must be quality assured by Continental Training Academy at £50 per person. This will save you needing to quality assure any physical intervention for your instructor courses.  


Our approved SIA models are based on ease of techniques, accessibility and affordability. 

DS PI Licence Potential Earnings based on one course

12 Learners at £175 per learner = £2100. 
IQA fees at £50 per learner = £1500 profit

CP PI Licence Potential Earnings based on one course

12 Learners at £350 per learner = £4200. 
IQA fees at £50 per learner = £3600 profit

Level 3 Delivering DS PI Course Potential Earnings based on one course

6 Learners at £500 per learner = £3000. 
IQA fees at £50 per learner = £2750 profit

Level 3 Delivering CP PI Course Potential Earnings based on one course

6 Learners at £600 per learner = £3600. 
IQA fees at £50 per learner = £3350 profit


To ensure that you receive greater benefits to your annual PI licences, we will also provide you with relevant instructor materials for the following qualifications:

Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

SIA PI Crossover Courses

Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training

Application requirements

Registered Company

Registered Training Centre Recognition

Minimum £5 insurance covering Physical Intervention training

Current Tutor with at least 3 years experience

*The Master Licence is only issued to one trainer per application.  


How long does the licence last?
The licence lasts for 1-year.

What does the PI model cover?
It covers you to run the Level 3 Delivering Physical Intervention training under our own model. This means that you run the full SIA instructor courses and no longer be at the mercy of other training providers.

Can I issue license renewals?
Under your licence, you can run courses for annual PI licences and we will IQA these and ensure they meet the standards before issuing the licence to your learners.

How many learners can we put through our licence?
The first 10 learners are included with your licence to ensure that you meet the standards. After that, you can put as many learners through at no extra cost other than the £50 IQA fees.

Do we need to do IQA?
No, we will complete IQA activities for these courses to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Why can’t we IQA our own SIA trainers?
This is an SIA requirement to ensure robust quality using our model. This ensures training standards remain high and our PI models are not abused by poor quality providers.

Do you IQA our Level 2 Physical Intervention courses?
No, we have nothing to do with your Level 2 learners. You will simple deliver our SIA approved PI model like you currently do. We only IQA the instructor courses.

Can you come to us?
Yes, when your renewal is up, book a course for your instructors and we will come to you rather than you travelling around the Country to renew your annual certificate.


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